Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Whitehorse * Adventure * Run '09: Back to the Wild

Recruitment has been rapidly filling the ranks of this year's Whitehorse * Adventure * Run, or W*A*R as it is affectionately known as. Multiple veteran teams are returning to this year's run, including a return of Team Alaska!

The W*A*R is Whitehorse's ALL-TERRAIN half-marathon. Teams of two have to complete a 21-km cross-country adventure race style run. The event is accessible to all runners and only minimal navigational skills are required (if you can read a road map, you are good to go). Details and registration are found at the W*A*R website:

This year's W*A*R is on Sunday, May 31st. 8am Registration & Mandatory Gear check. Pre-registration has now expired, but we'll still accept late recruitment - here is the link to the recruitment forms.

For folks not ready for an all-terrain half-marathon, there is also a recreational class called P.E.A.C.E. (People Enjoying Adventurous Competitive Exercise) which is solo and typically 10km in length.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Whitehorse Hash House Harriers Start Running Again

WhiteHorse Hash House Harriers (WH4) have started their second season - WH4's first run of 2009 (Run #013) was on Thursday last week (good turn out, 19 some runners, but not enough beer). Runs will be every two weeks throughout the summer

If your are interested in a social, very inclusive running club, you can get future run info at the WH4 website at:

For general information on Hash House Harriers, have a look at the wiki entry:

or just YouTube Hash House Harriers