Friday, May 4, 2012

LEED Gold - Yukon's First LEED Canada Certified Homes

Well, after a year of waiting, we finally got our LEED® Canada for Homes Certification for the SuperGreen Duplex we built at 38 & 40 Nijmegan Road.  As we talked about before, this is the first LEED® Certified home in the Yukon, and the second LEED® certified building in the Yukon (the first was the Taku Building on Main Street, and I think they beat us by only a couple of weeks!).  If nothing else, I can say that the process was thorough, taking almost longer to complete the certification that it did for us to build the homes!  Pretty much every suststainability claim we made was verified by the Provider before submission to Canada Green Building Council.  And I think because this was a Yukon first, they were extra diligent.

Anyway, if felt good to finally screw the LEED® plaques to the building, knowing that we've raised the bar, but at the same time made some high quality affordable housing, and most of all, that the owners/tenants of the SuperGreen duplex seem to be very happy and satisfied with their homes that will last generations.