Sunday, August 15, 2010


Wow, I realize it has been a month since I've posted pictures of our SuperGreen duplex construction - I've been a real delinquent I guess.

Well, Friday was a milestone for us - we installed locks on the doors and locked up the building!

From 38 & 40 Nijmegan Road

All of the windows are in, we have a foot of sprayfoam in the walls, the porches are on and now we're putting in the vapour barrier.

From 38 & 40 Nijmegan Road

Because the building is a simple rectangle, and the the interior walls are not in yet, the vapour barrier is very simple and pretty quick to put on. Also, the continuous layer of spray foam creates our air barrier, so that make detailing the vapour barrier easier (air barriers must be continuous, vapour barriers should be continuous, where possible).

Visit the web album for more construction photos.

We also tested the verandas on Friday - for Happy Hour - and they passed with flying colours!