Monday, December 2, 2013

Whitehorse Wasteland

Below is a map I made of all the "blank spaces" downtown.  All of the dead and wasted land downtown makes me crazy, yet we are developing new land.  In this map, all of the "white" areas represent undeveloped, vacant and underutilized land in downtown Whitehorse.  Obviously you can pick out the road network, but beyond that you can see a lot of white.  By comparison, look up in the residential area (west of 6th, far left of the map) and you can see how the downtown grid of Whitehorse should be filled out.

Pretty obvious we are wasting our downtown.  What do you think, maybe 20% of downtown not used adequately? Maybe time to do something about it.  Maybe it is time we start to move to land value taxation so we can at least start generating some revenue off of all that empty land.