Saturday, June 26, 2010

Forest's 2010 Orienteering Adventure

Decided to go to some orienteering races this year - the US Orienteering championships are in the Washington "Scablands" which is a really wild, catastrophic landscape created by glacial outburst floods.

Next weekend is the North American Orienteering championships in Cranbrook, BC. I've worked there several times over the years, and it always looked like really good terrain - open pine forest - it looks like really fast running forest.

Here are some pictures so far:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Finished the Basement Pour

Today we finished the pouring of the insulated concrete basement (ICF) for the SuperGreen duplex we are building. Below is a little movie from the pour. It's good to have it done as we now have a very robust foundation and basement system that should provide a resilient base for the home are planning to last more than 100 years.

From 38 & 40 Nijmegan Road

The pour went well due to the hard work and preparation of the crew. We're a few days behind schedule because some of the insulated concrete form blocks didn't arrive, causing us to modify the design a bit; but also because we wanted to take our time on making sure everything was square, level and secured for the pour. We figured take a bit of time now will save us time later in the project.

There are also quite a few new photos added to the project's photo log (see Day 19 and Day 22 photos) that show many of the details included in the basement, including some "planning ahead" features that will facilitate future building adaptability:

38 & 40 Nijmegan Road